Crown of Antlers
Glorawen elven_artemis
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In the Haunted Barrow
Glorawenn exploring the Creeping Wing of the Haunted Burrow.


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  • The Skeleton Painted Pony

    When Calicia was looting the secret chest inside the Haunted Burrow this past Saturday, she was founded the Aged Deed which awards the player with a…

  • Steed of Eldar Autumn

    This year's Fall Festival is the Steed of Eldar Autumn which I wasn't sure if I was going to bother to get, but ended up bartering for it on my elf…

  • "Boooooo"

    Calicia is having far too much fun exploring the Haunted Burrow in the Shire. Now that she has bartered for the war steed cosmetics, she spent some…

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